What was Henry George’s revolutionary idea?

The News ‘Worth Reporting’ Issue – The IU View
This edition contains pertinent sections of seven mainstream media articles describing the many positive benefits of land value taxation. The “news is the news” for our favourite public finance policy! Download here.

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  1. David Harold Chester says:

    The claim of using the proposals of Henry George for the Single Tax of LVT are not receiving serious attention from most parts of the world, because it is another damn tax to be paid by the people who will not see how the “regular” taxes will be lessened and who are unlikely to give our proposals any support.

    In view of the general declaration and aims of the IU, we should also be considering alternative means for reaching our great asperations for social justice. I have already suggested one way for this to be done in my poem: “A More Stealthy Georgist Cat”. Entertaining as this may be, it was written for serious attention towards our common aim, but without the problem noted above.

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