Spanish Books: Progreso Ecónomico & La Espaculación Inmobilaria

The Number 1, 2017 Issue of the IU View
At last, a “better late than never” new edition of the IU View. In this world that seems more chaotic every day, our organization continues to hold a steady torch for the perennial wisdom teachings about justice in land tenure and tax policy. I think you will be encouraged after reading about our progress in this report.
First you will learn about two new hot-off-the-press Spanish language books by IU members. Hector R. and Guillermo A. Sandler have published Progreso Economico con Justicia Social ¿Mas Recursos Publicos con Menos Impuestos? Their book presents the economic problems and challenges of Argentina from a perspective and framework of resource rent economics.

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Fernando Scornik Gerstein and Fred Harrison’s new book, published in Spain, is titled La Especulacion Inmobiliaria y El Silencio de ls Corderos (Land Speculation and the Silence of the Lambs). This book will draw attention to the land problem in Spain and what to do about it.

Bravo to IU President David Triggs and IU Vice President for Honoduras Dr. Quisia Gonzalez for their participation in the United Nations Habitat III (UNCHS) Conference in Quito, Ecuador. Gratitude also to IU UN NGO representative Marcial Cordon for arranging for David and Quisia to give a two-hour seminar on land value tax principles and policy at UNASUR. The conference outcome document – The New Urban Agenda – has clear recommendations for land value based public finance.

The news article about this major global conference (page 5-6) says, “One of the most widely discussed policies in municipal finance at the conference are financial instruments related to land value capture.”

In the Events Section you will learn about the Sustainable Transport Forum, the IU Forum, and a Labour Land Campaign event. Additional IU member reports include the latest power point from Ed Dodson, a note from IU Vice President for New Zealand Robert Keall, a link to an article about Curacao shifting to land value tax, pithy comments from Emer O’Siochru about the importance of understanding the land/money relationship, and a link to this writer’s podcast interview with Public Banking Institute founder Ellen Brown. On page 9 you will find a policy briefing on Land Grabbing and Land Concentration in Europe.

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