Vice President: Fernando Scornik-Gerstein

A lawyer specialising in agrarian and taxation law, Legal Advisor to the Argentinian Agrarian Cooperatives for 10 years and then Advisor on Land Taxation to the Minister of Economy and, subsequently, to the Secretary of State of Agriculture for whom he produced a report –The Basis for a Tax System on the Rent of Land, chaired the Special Commission on the Taxation of Land’s Potential Rent set up by the Secretary of State for Agriculture, visiting lecturer on Agricultural and Mining Law at the Faculty of Law in the University of Buenos Aires (1973-75), in 1976 he went to Spain and is now Senior Partner of a prominent firm of lawyers. President of AEPERS (Asociación Española para el Estudio del Regimen del Suelo y los Recursos Naturales, his publications include: Francia: Legislación Agraria (ARG.); El Impuesto a la Tierra (ARG.); Desalojos Rurales (ARG); Bases Para un Régimen Impositivo Sobre la Renta del Suelo (ARG.); Poll Tax: The Tax that Sank a Government (U.K.); The Future of Taxation (U.K. and Russia).