Problem solvers and supporters

Kidane Hiwot


No man can control nature or universal law, neither ‘Men seeks to gratify their desires with the least exertion.” Nor no power can refuse when gravitated by earth. Only the creator has a power of ability to control the law of nature. Socialism and capitalism were tried to control nature. Actually, their negative doer principle was gone to the end forever with their violating human beings’ birthright of confiscating common property and private property, also reject competition and blocking trading freely. So that, no deal with the ones that forever bygone, just only letting you know the prospective readers/visitors about these fact. But, Georgism economic remedy, governed by the natural law that carved in stones the progress for Justice. And, control of managing the nature (not control the nature) by securing the man’s common and personal/private birthright to the land use. Their difference (the difference between the socialism, communism, capitalism, and Georgism), respectively, are clearly stated here b/n predicting the future economic events without tracing cause- effect of the problems occurred trying with its fallible principle. And Georgism principle predicting the future economic events based on tracing the basic cause- effect to solve the basic poverty problem harmonically, since all evils of social problems created with their pattern.

These facts positioned as to the following: – Every person can use own political economy power of tracing the cause – effect by using naturally granted a reasonable power, it’s, the option of the granted using the “self-evident” truth, without which cautiously trying to solve problems (to do nothing), and to “gratify desires with a least exertion”. Problems solvers contributed to the world through economically and mathematically. 

The 19th century American economist & social reformer Henry George (1839-1897) introduced this fact of Political Economy, who wrote the book from his life experience and from what he personally observed and propose economic remedy to eradicate the basic causes of poverty. He confirmed as no man can control the universal law, neither “men seek to gratify their desires with the least exertion.” Nor has power when gravitated by the earth. These are beyond mans’ capacity to control. And man’s laboring for production needs time and space (the role of relativity).

Albert Einstein (1897-1955), who was born in the year “Progress & Poverty”, published and after Henry George passed away he wrote “My commission faith”, introduced to the world formulated to solve mathematical problems based on universal law. And paid tribute; “Men like Henry George are rare unfortunately. One cannot imagine a more beautiful combination of intellectual keens, artistic form, and fervent love of justice.”

Henry George as not the only thinker and his “Single Tax” economic proposal; “Abolish all taxation save that upon land value.” “There are a lot of supporters and followers from the past to the present, to mention a few; religion, scholars, philosophers, students, scientists, officials, etc. To know more please search the web.

Revelation 1:19 ‘Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which shall be

The Holy Quran: “Do they possess knowledge of the unseen, so that they write it down?”

Leveticus 19:11 “You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another!”

Leveticus 25:23 “The land shall not be sold forever; for the land is mine; for ye are strangers
and sojourners with me.”

The Holy Quran: “They answered, ‘By Allah, you know well that we came not to act corruptly in
the land, and we are not thieves.’

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865), the 16 th President of America. “The land, the earth, God gave to men for his home, sustenance and support, should never be the possession of any man, corporation, society or unfriendly government, any more than the air or water.” William Vickrey (1914 – 1996), who was awarded noble on economics, “Use of land rents ….for public purposes is therefore not merely an ethical imperative derived from private appropriation of public created value, but even more imperatively, a fundamental requirement for economic efficiency.”

Michael Gorbachove, leader of Soviet Union and Noble peace laureate. “Natural rent must be a part of public revenue – What they don’t earn but rather what they simply receive from the nation, the nature.”
“There is a body of socio – economic truth which incorporates the best insights of both capitalism and socialism. That “middle way’ is the philosophy of Henry George’

Robert V. Andelson, Auburn University, Alabama. Therefore, problem solvers ones proposed. And it’s the task of the current generation promote by applying the fact & forward to the coming generation. I’m very interested to entertain any of you opinions and questions, and please don’t hesitate from forwarding to me what you think concerning these.

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