In Quest of a Multi-Polar World

In this second round of conversation, Professor Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar discuss the emerging economic world order which they define not so much as a conflict between nations, but a rivalry between two competing models of the economy. The finance capital driven model of the West with a domination of the FIRE sector, versus the mixed economy model represented by China and Russia which seeks to rein in rent seeking, combined with public banking and state funded infrastructure to support market compliant industrial development. In Professor Hudson’s view, this model was advocated by classical economists, from Mill, Ricardo, to Henry George; and is largely responsible for the West’s past successes.

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    can you address the following

    Why Populists Want a Multipolar World
    Aspiring authoritarians are sick of the liberal order and eager for new patrons in Russia and China.
    By Alexander Cooley, the Director of Columbia University’s Harriman Institute and the Claire Tow Professor of Political Science at Barnard College, and Daniel Nexon

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