Costa Rica

Wendy Rockwell Brouillette lives in Monteverde, Costa Rica with her husband and three grandchildren.   Her great grandparents moved from Indiana and Kansas one hundred years ago to be a part of the Fairhope Single Tax experiment in Fairhope, Alabama.  The reason this experiment took place in the South was simply that that is where land was inexpensive. 

In 1948 Costa Rica rewrote its constitution eliminating the military at the same time three Quaker boys from Fairhope, Alabama where being released from US prisons for refusing to register for the draft.  In 1951 eleven Quaker families settled up in the mountains of Costa Rica, again where land was cheep enough to afford.  My father came along for the adventure.

Today Monteverde is a tourist destination for people from around the world.  Land prices are out of reach.  What an exciting opportunity to demonstrate what happens when Land Values are collected to finance projects.

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