Baltimore Thrive

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Baltimore Tax Shift Endorsement Form

Baltimore Thrive Funds Appeal Letter

Land, Justice, and Public Finance

Open Letter to the Mayor of Baltimore

Baltimore Thrive: Community Ground Rent and the 15-Minute City

Baltimore Thrive Primary Associates

Baltimore Tax Fairness

Baltimore Thrive: Vision and Intention

Aligning Economic Incentives with Baltimore Infrastructure Funding

Sandtown Too Far Down?

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The Municipal Banking Movement: An Opportunity for Baltimore

2 Responses

  1. Rick Rybeck says:

    Dear Baltimore Thrive:
    The landing page contains only links to various forms and articles in seemingly random order. Compare to the “RENEW BALTIMORE” website at .The RB website home page has a Baltimore skyline graphic at the top. It includes a number of action “buttons,” a brief (4-sentence) explanation of the property tax relief proposal, several quotes from newspapers and high-powered interest groups supporting the proposal, and links to additional information. This format is much more engaging and I would encourage Baltimore Thrive to revise its landing page to be more engaging as well.

    • admin1 says:

      Thank you Rick! We are working on a new website for Baltimore Thrive. Stay tuned.

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