About Us

Established in 1926, the purpose of the IU is to promote sustainable prosperity for all via public finance policy reform. We seek to address wealth inequality and harmonize individual freedom with rights to the commons by reducing taxes on labour and production while collecting for beneficial public purposes the unearned income – the “economic rent” – of land, natural resources and other nature and community created values.

Economic rent is a sufficient source of public finance to fund infrastructure, education and other needed public goods. When economic rent is pocketed by a few instead of being fairly shared by all, wealth inequality grows along with poverty and other societal problems and malfunctions.

For almost a century The IU has campaigned for governments to address the root causes of wealth inequality, poverty, war, environmental degradation and many other societal problems that plague our world. We seek a global awakening to the realization that the earth is the birthright of all people.

We have assembled a team of highly qualified consultants who are willing and able to assist cities, countries and other levels of government in the implementation of land value taxation policy and other methods whereby the economic rent of land and natural resources can be fairly shared by all. More information on this international program can be found in the UN NGO section of this website as the IU has consulting status with United Nations ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council).

You are welcome to apply for membership in the IU. As a member you will receive our enewsletter, opportunities for training for policy implementation, announcements of relevant conferences and other activities, and a way to link and communicate with other members worldwide. Our members campaign in their countries and cities for changes in tax laws to enable the removal of taxes on labour and production while returning the economic rent to the people as a whole. Please join us.

For further introduction to the IU read our International Declaration of Individual and Common Rights to Earth


For questions or suggestions contact the IU Administrative Director, Alanna Hartzok phone: +1-717-357-7618 or email:  alannahartzok(at)gmail.com